Ongoing Scene Study

Scene Study is the core of acting as an art and is essential for embarking on a career as an actor. Using the Technique, Ivana Chubbuck Youth Studio thoroughly explores and teaches all aspects of scene study. Our classes provide each student with the knowledge and tools to create an organic performance that is unique to each actor.

Ivana Chubbuck Youth Studio aims to train actors who are dedicated, young professionals. In order to ensure that our students are ready for our program, we have instituted an audition process. Auditions will be held on Fridays by appointment only. 

Youth Core Scene Study

Ages 7 - 12

Sundays 12:00p - 2:00p in Studio A

The Chubbuck Youth Children’s Program focuses on supporting the natural performer in each student as they learn the fundamentals of acting. We use a curriculum that teaches the young actors to confidently express themselves in any situation. At Chubbuck Youth, we prepare our young actors so that they arrive on a professional set prepared, excited, confident and ready to shine.

Teen Core Scene Study I

Ages 12 - 17

Saturday 2:00p - 4:00p in Studio A

Using a modified, age appropriate version of The Chubbuck Technique, Core Scene Study I guides the young actors so that they can be given any script, as they would in a variety of professional situations, and work through distinct character choices.

Teen Core Scene Study II

Ages 14 - 17

Fridays 6:00p-9:00p in Studio A

Core Scene Study II fosters long-term growth and professional preparation for students that want to work on acting as an artistic craft. Using the Technique, the class focuses on in-depth script analysis and perfecting the art of acting, along with preparation for professional work in movies, television, and stage. Ivana Chubbuck Youth offers a superior level of training for teen actors who are already working in the industry. 

Specialized Classes

Private Coaching

Private acting coaching is an exceptional way for actors to foster growth outside of class or during a busy audition season. It is also an excellent way to receive extra support while preparing for performance. Please complete the contact