Summer Intensives

Chubbuck Youth summer programs are conservatory style courses designed for students wishing to receive a concentrated immersion in Ivana Chubbuck’s Acting Technique and broaden their technical knowledge and skills. All programs utilize scene study with classes taught by different coaches and working entertainment professionals so they benefit from different perspectives on the technique and specific industry insights. All summer programs prepare the student for a professional career as an actor.


Ivana Chubbuck Youth Bootcamp

The Youth Bootcamp gives young actors the tools they need in order to successfully progress from the first reading to the final performance. The Ivana Chubbuck Technique will take you from a script to a living, breathing, dynamic character. This intensive expands on the basic elements of the craft of acting for film using a 12 step technique. The class provides each student with a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to create an organic performance that is unique to each actor. Using the Chubbuck Technique, the bootcamp focuses on in-depth script analysis, engaging truthfully with scene partners, memorization, and perfecting the art of acting.

Ivana Chubbuck Youth Audition Intensive

In this exciting intensive, Ivana Chubbuck Youth brings in some of Hollywood's influential casting directors to critique the student's auditioning skills. The students will participate in a series of mock auditions ranging from self-tape auditions all the way to producer sessions. For each mock audition, the actors will learn and go through the audition process. They will receive genuine sides and work on breaking down their scripts efficiently, before presenting in front of a casting director. The students will not only learn a great deal about auditions and the Chubbuck Technique, but will also make connections with industry professionals.

Some of our previous guests include...

Carol Goldwasser, Tasha Smith, Heidi Levitt, Jim Dempsey, Jane Jenkins, Judy Bouley, Raquel Gardner, Kara Sullivan, Tracy "Twinkie" Byrd, Gerald Wolfe, Ben Stockham